TranSEND is your EMV and NFC professional

EMV Professionals

  • Professional services and technology to support EMV and Contactless migration.
  • Collis EMV and Contactless testing tools and implementation services.
  • EMV Certified and Compliant Solutions for POS Terminals and POS Systems.

Work with a trusted partner for EMV Implementation Projects

TranSEND has proven expertise in implementing EMV & NFC / Contactless solutions, and is focused on enabling US Payment Processors, ISO, Services Providers, POS Manufacturers, and POS Systems VARs with EMV & NFC / Contactless implementation strategies and consultancy services.

Your EMV Partner for a successful rollout.

TranSEND delivers best-of-breed technology and solutions to support the EMV & Contactless migration projects for the US market. TranSEND's proven POS and Payment Systems expertise can enable EMV & Contactless implementation of any size acquirer or merchant service provider. TranSEND can bring together the necessary Consultancy Services and Training for EMV & Contactless implementation projects. We specialize in supporting the various stakeholders of the EMV project and make sure that all tasks are executed correctly. In addition, our EMV testing and certification services bring another layer of assurance that all will be implemented in a timely manner.

TranSEND Support

Proven expertise in EMV / Contactless project management

TranSEND delivers proven business management along with data processing systems and real-time POS expertise to the payment industry. With our expert hands-on knowledge in EMV, NFC, e-commerce / card payments and terminal management. TranSEND has developed an excellent track record and a sound reputation for successfully completing projects within the US payment industry. TranSEND's broad knowledge across a variety of industries on a varying set of POS platforms gives us a unique market position to provide cross-industry, hardware independent perspective to all levels in a client organization.

Certified EMV / NFC

TranSEND has POS Terminal and POS System Middleware solutions available for integration. Save thousands of hours in development and certification. TranSEND is already certified with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and is available with First Data, Paymentech, TSYS, Global Payments, Elavon, Heartland Payment Systems, and others.

EMV / NFC Training Courses:

TranSEND is proud to offer EMV Training Courses and EMV Workshops, as noted below:

  • B2 Three Day Expert EMV & Contactless Training Course
  • B2 One Day Executive EMV & Contactless Training Course
  • B2 Three Day Acquirer Workshop

EMV / NFC Test Tools:

TranSEND is proud to offer the world-class Collis EMV / NFC Testing Tools.

  • Collis Merchant Test Suite (Brand Test Tool)
  • Collis EMV Card Simulator
  • Collis Card Image Editor
  • Collis Smartwave Box
  • Collis Smartlink Box
  • ETEC Confidence Card Sets
  • B2 Testing Card Sets

Background on EMV and NFC

With the migration towards EMV & NFC / Contactless, issuers and acquirers in the US and around the world are faced with the challenges of chip and NFC / contactless migration. EMV is a global standard describing the use of chip technology for payment cards (credit and debit cards). Also, EMV is the first stepping-stone into contactless payments (NFC).